[whole case] Guyu white tea 2022


The base unit for this tea is case, 7kgs per case. Each buying is for one case. This tea is classic traditional Fuding White tea, delicate yet a lot of aging possibilities.

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The main purpose of this offer is for tea age by yourself, you may want to read the tea aging instructions.

Nothing can hurt a long run except hunger, tea age is a long run thus need strong body. Guyu festival is around April 20, at this time the Spring has arisen and Summer hasn’t arrived yet, a time that full of young energy. Hand picked two leaves with one bud, comes from an old organic tea garden built by ZhiQing in 1968. It’s surrounded by mountains, also a reservoir is closeby which helps created an ideal micro climate for the tea.

Don’t know how it would look like after age? No problem, we will attach a bag (35g) of 3yrs aged tea for your comparing. They both come from the same tea garden, same season, same master but just different year. A leak is it gets wine flavor in the 4th year.

  • Name: Guyu White tea
  • Year: 2022
  • Origin: ZhiQing Tea Garden
  • Varietal: Fuding Big Hair
  • Location: Panxi, Fuding, Fujian China


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